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mardi 20 septembre 2016

Re: Sauroth


Discussion avec Chris à propos des Sauroths

Do you have some concept / illustrations of the Sauroth? Do you have idea of miniature to use to represent Sauroth?
dim 15:43
The illustration used in your pdf is the best we have, I did a concept that des based the picture on, but it is very rough compared to the wargods art you are used to.
I would use a dinosaur of some sort, or perhaps a star wars dewback toy, with a 28mm howda added. Sauroth were intended to be hairy reptiles, if you imagine a camel crossed with a dinosaur.
They were intended to be part of the Asar army, and would have been featured in the 2nd army book we were going to do for Aegyptus (first Anubi, then Asar, and so on) with new specialists, troops, background, etc. Word got out on the wargods forums that were were working on these, and everyone freaked out and got angry with us (accusations of making people buy new rulebooks, becoming too 'games workshop', etc.) It was all pretty silly, but we decided to cancel the army books in light of our customer's hostile reactions to the idea. We actually had half of the Anubi book text completed. I think this was around 2003 or so.
The Sauroth were a fun idea, but perhaps a little too 'high fantasy' in retrospect. I may revisit them someday, but making an actual model for them would be very expensive, probably impractical, better served as a conversion project for players.

Excellent thanks for your indication!
How many members on the hodaw?

I would say 2 on the each sidecart, and maybe 4-6 on the top, and a mahout.
If I recall, my intent was that the side-baskets would be manned with warriors armed with spears, and the upper howdah would have archers. The side melee-armed warriors were there to keep opponents away from the sauroth's vulnerable legs and body, with the archers in an elevated position to fire, rather like a chariot passenger.

Same vision to these house rules. Excellent!
dim 17:47


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