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dimanche 18 avril 2010

[Campagne Mondiale 2010] Scénario #2 d'Avril 2010 - Crocodile Games Forum

Le scénario est paru sur le forum. Il est assez rigolo puisqu'il met en scène les personnages des escortes dans une escarmouche à l'intérieur de la Grand Bibliothèque de Pharos. Notez qu'il va falloir construire des bibliothèques pour faire les allées...
Library Brawl

By David Williams

Your warband has entered the city of Pharos and finally arrived at the Great Library, seeking clues to the location of the Golden Fleece. Strong guards stand at the doors of the ancient building, preventing your troops and chariots from entering… only you and your heroes will be permitted to seek the clues within. As you gain entry into the main hall, you see that another opponent has entered the hall from the opposite end. He must not be allowed to claim the scrolls you seek! While your troops keep the guards occupied, you must find the scribes within, and question them about the location of the scrolls. If the other troops get in your way, they shall suffer grave consequences!

Game Set-up:
1. The game table represents the interior of the Great Library, and should measure 48" square. Each player's starting table edge should have a total of 2 doorways, each doorway placed 12" from the each corner of their side. Each warband deploys within 3" of each of the 2 doors on their table edge.
3. Place a row of three bookshelves 18" in from each table edge containing doors. The Bookshelves should be 4" long, and centered at 12" intervals.
4. There are 3 Scribes within the Library. All 3 are placed equidistant between the 2 players' table edges; the first in the very center of the table, the other two flanking him, one 8" to the left and the other 8" to the right. Each Scribe begins facing a neutral table edge. Any Tethru or Asar models on-hand can be used to represent the Scribes. The rules for the Scribes are described under Grab the Scribe, below.

Special Rules:
The following special rules apply to this Scenario:

The Harbingers and a hand-picked band of their best heroes have snuck into the Library, leaving the rest of their warbands waiting outside, guarding the means of escape. This scenario is played as a skirmish game, with only the Harbinger and Characters being used – no units or Chariots. Beastmasters may bring up to 50 points of their units, and a Torturer may bring along a single Flesh-Hulk.

The bookshelves contain scrolls gathered from the far corners of the Antediluvian World, and there are clues to the location of the Golden Fleece hidden within some of them. Each character may search each bookshelf only once, by playing a Hold Command Counter when in base-contact with the bookshelf. The character my not perform any other action during his Activation Phase, and the search is conducted by making an Arcane Test against the Library (Arcane 8). If the Test is successful, the character acquires 1 Clue. If the Test succeeds by 3 or more points, the character acquires 2 clues. Place a marker next to each character, for each clue he has discovered. The clues cannot be taken from the character or given away, but the character must either survive the battle or escape out one of the exits for the clues to count at the end. Characters who become a casualty lose their clues. A Beloved of Sobek cannot read, therefore cannot gain clues.
A Sorcerer who rolls a natural 10 on their Arcane Test finds only 1 clue, but has also discovered a spell hidden amongst the scrolls that he did not already know. The player may roll another spell from their appropriate Spell Table, for use during this battle.

The following Subplot is used during this Scenario, instead of using a random Subplot from the WarGods rulebook.

Grab the Scribe!
There are 3 Scribes busy filing scrolls in this section of the Library. These Scribes have the same profile as a Tethru Champion. They are unpredictable, and can be controlled by either player. During the Command Phase of each Turn, both players place a Command Counter on each Scribe. A Scribe may be activated by either player during the Turn, at their choosing. When activated, the player reveals his own Command Counter and the other one is discarded. The player then moves the Scribe as indicated. Any character coming in base-contact with a Scribe may elect to rescue him. Place the Scribe behind the Character, in base-contact. The Character may then move as normal, and attempt to leave the Library through any of the 4 exits. If the Character is attacked in melee combat, the Scribe is immediately detached and may be controlled by either player on the subsequent Turn.

Winning the Scenario:
1. The game length is 10 Turns.
2. The player who's surviving Characters have collected the most Clues is the winner.

Renown Gains:
1. Famous Harbingers and Demigods gain 1 point of Renown for each Scribe "rescued" from the brawl.
2. Any warband's Scribe which successfully finds 2 Clues gains 1 point of Renown.
3. Any warband's Sorcerer who finds a Spell gains 1 point of Renown.
4. Standard Renown points are also awarded.

Special Rewards & Penalties:
Inside Knowledge: If a warband contains a Scribe, every character adds a bonus of 1 to their Tests when attempting to find useful clues. A Scribe that is part of a warband may be moved about and search the bookshelves, just as a normal character.

Reporting Requirements:
When submitting the report for this scenario, include the number of Clues found be each warband. These will be retained throughout the course of the campaign.

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