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samedi 17 avril 2010

[Campagne Mondiale 2010] Re : Parution du 1er scénario de Campagne pour la période Avril 2010

--- Dreadaxe a écrit :

Il semblerai que le scénario doit recevoir quelques ajustements.

Note: this Scenario has been revised to solve some balance issues, as of April 17.

Here is the first Scenario for the month of April. We'll be posting more later this month, but this scenario should be played first.

Duel at the Gates of Pharos

By Clarke Payne

Rumors have come to you that the last location of the Golden Fleece is recorded on one of the many scrolls within the Great Library of Pharos. Warbands from around the ancient world are now closing in on the city, eager to be the first to discover the prize. Your warband is one of them.

The journey was long and perilous, but guided by the great fiery beacon of the Lighthouse, your men have arrived at Pharos. As you approach the gates, another warband comes into view. As you draw ever closer, you realize that you both share the same goal – the gate to the city, and the scrolls of the Great Library. Tensions are high, and both warbands array themselves for battle to decide who will enter Pharos first!

Set Up:
Standard deployment. On one of the neutral table edges should be the wall of the city of Pharos, and the Gate is located in the middle-point of the table edge, and the entrance is 4" wide. No units may deploy within 15" of the Gate.

Special Rules:
The following special rules apply to this scenario.

The City Gates
The walls of Pharos are strong, and guarded by a battalion of Aegyptian archers, far too many for the warbands in this battle to hope to defeat. The gate can only be opened by the Captain of the Guard, who is upon the walls and can only be spoken to by a character standing in base-contact with the 4" wide city gate. To speak to the guard, the model must begin his Activation Phase with a Hold Command, in base-contact with the 4" wide city gate, and must not be engaged in melee combat. The model must succeed in a Discipline Test against the Captain of the Guard to gain entry, and the Captain has a Discipline of 7. Aegyptian warbands gain a bonus of +1 to the Test, and Infamous Warbands suffer a penalty of -1. The gates will not be opened for Wendigo, Titan, or Eater of the Dead warbands under any circumstances.

Once a model has received permission to enter, if may move through on the following Turn. Only 1 unit will be admitted by the Captain each Turn, and only a single unit can pass through the gate each Turn.

Stand Down, or Face the Consequences!
The guards of Pharos do not look kindly upon troops committing violence near their walls. At the end of each turn, any model or unit that is engaged in melee combat within 10" of the city walls may be fired upon by the archers on the walls. For each melee within 10", roll a d10, 6 or higher means that the fighting models are fired upon. The shots are divided between each unit participating in the melee using the following method:

Roll a d10, this is the number of models that have been shot by the walls. The shots are divided evenly between the models and sides participating in the melee, with the side with the larger number of models receiving the extra shot. All shots are considered hits, and the recipients may make their Armor Saves normally. In the event there is an Independent Character involved in the melee, the first shot is applied to this character, and then the hits are distributed between the remaining models and sides. If there are more shots than participants, the remaining shots are ignored. Colossal models (such as Titans) are considered units, with their wounds = models, for purposes of shot distribution.

No more than 2 volleys of arrows may be fired from the walls each Turn.

Victory and Rewards:
The battle last 10 Turns. At the end of 10 Turns, calculate the total value of the models remaining on the battlefield. Calculate the total value of the models that were admitted into the city, and double them. Add these 2 totals together, and the side with the highest total is the winner.

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