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lundi 12 avril 2010

Script des règles des Necropolis Guard

De quoi patienter avant la sortie officielle des règles... La Lame de Jugement est vraiment pas chère pour des effets terribles en campagne !! 
OK, here's the info on the Necropolis Guard a bit early.

Please note, they are still in the 'editing' phase, so there may be some small changes when we have the complete listing in Croc Tales 5 next week.

The Necropolis Guard serve only Anubis, and may only be used in the warband of a Harbinger of Anubis. They are considered an elite troop type, and their total Points cost may not exceed 25% of the warband's total Point Value.
The Necropolis Guard may not be issued additional weapons and armor - all are equipped with Medium Armor, Amulets of Anubis and a Mummy Cleaver. They may be equipped with a Standard Bearer & Musician at additional points cost.

Mummy Cleaver
This weapon is a heavy bronze cleaver that must be wielded with both hands due to its extreme weight. In the hands of a strong and experienced wielder, the Mummy Cleaver can cut a body in half, and can easily behead man-sized opponents. Against man-sized models (those mounted on 20mm or 25mm bases) when a natural roll of 10 on any Melee Test is rolled the Mummy Cleaver has beheaded the opponent. Undead models are not permitted an Armor Save when beheaded, and are removed immediately. Living models are permitted only a Hard Armor Save to avoid the beheading. If the Save (if any) is unsuccessful, all of the defenders wounds are lost and the model is removed as a casualty. Successful hits with any die roll other than a 10 are permitted their Armor Save, as normal. The weapon causes a movement penalty of -1" to any model that carries it, and this penalty is already incorporated into the Necropolis Guard's profile.

Character Upgrades
For each unit of Necropolis Guard in the warband, a single Champion or Hero may be equipped with any of the following upgrades, at the additional cost listed below:

Blade of Judgment (Cost: 10 points)
The hero's Mummy Cleaver has been inscribed with hieroglyphs from the Book of the Dead dealing with the judgment of the souls of the damned, and then blessed by the Priests of Anubis to channel this judgment onto the recipient of it's attack. The Blade of Judgment has the same rules as Mummy Cleaver, but against models in an Infamous or Eater of the Dead warband it has the following additional traits: it has a Damage Modifier of 3 instead of the usual 2, and enemies killed by the Blade of Judgment cannot be raised as undead by any spell or power (such as Darkfire) and undead enemies killed by the Blade of Judgment are forever destroyed, disintegrating into dust. Undead models destroyed cannot be recovered during Casualty Buy-Back.

Hieroglyphic Tattoos (Cost: 30 points)
The skin of the Necropolis Guard hero is tattooed with numerous hieroglyphs, magical lines and spells transcribed from the Book of the Dead that promise to protect the soul of the hero and a guide him through the perils of the afterlife. Secure with the knowledge of his salvation, the hero does not fear death, and will selflessly lead his troops into hopeless battles if he believes his sacrifice will save the day. A hero with Hieroglyphic Tattoos may reroll any failed Discipline Save once. If the reroll results in a second failure the result may not be changed, even by using the Harbinger Power Defy Fate.

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