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dimanche 4 avril 2010

Wendigo Playtest Manual - Maj pour la Campagne Mondiale

À l'occasion du lancement de la campagne mondiale, Croco nous gratifie d'une mise à jour du Playtest Manual (Mk3 ? ou Mk2.5 plutôt) en attendant la sortie du Warband Book tant attendu. Cette mise à jour est pas forcément de bon augure pour la sortie de Warband Book qui devait avoir lieu ce mois-ci (enfin peut-être que j'interprète mal).
* La sorcière ne peut dorénavant plus avoir d'armure autre que légère et peut porter des pierres runiques du shaman (bien pratique tout ça !).
* Les Hurleurs gagnent un Modificateur de Dommage 2 (miam).
* Le Shaman peut donner jusqu'à 3 Pierres Runiques différentes contre une seule avant (Ça évitera de payer les onéreux 60 pts d'un shaman pour avoir une nouvelle fois des pierres runiques).
* La Rune de Protection passe à 5 pts.
Ice Witch
The Ice Witch comes pre-equipped with Light Armor and a Hand Weapon. She may be equipped with additional normal weapons at added cost. She may not be given additional armor, but may be equipped with a runestone by the Shaman, at added cost.

Howlers have a Damage Modifier of 2.

The Shaman is able to create small, magical runestones and give them to the favored warriors in the warband. A runestone is a stone inscribed with a glowing, magical symbol, which provides some beneficial effect for its bearer.
The Shaman may equip up to 3 units or Characters in the warband with runestones, so long as long as each character or unit is equipped with a different type of runestone. The Shaman can create only so many runestones, and so the player must choose carefully who will receive them.

For example, a Warband with 1 Shaman could have a unit of Wendigo Hunters equipped with Runes of Swiftness, a unit of Warriors with Runes of Protection, and the Ice Witch with a Rune of Fury. However, it would not be legal to equip more than one unit or character with the same type of runestone. you could not have a unit of Warriors and the Ice Witch both equipped with Runes of Protection in the same tribe. You'd need 2 Shamans to do this (see rules for multi-tribe warbands, page XXX).

The recipients of the runestones must be determined before the battle begins, and the runestones are noted on the appropriate Profiles. The player adds the cost of each runestone issued to the total point cost of the Shaman. A model may only be equipped with a single runestone. If the Shaman is killed, all of his runestones immediately lose their power.

The Rune of Protection
This runestone bears the Rune of Armor, which confers some of the stone's own toughness and resilience to the skin of the bearer. It increases the natural Armor Rating of the Wendigo who carries it to 5.

Points Cost: 5

The Rune of Swiftness
This runestone bears the Rune of the Wind, and causes the wind to blow at the bearer's back, making his movement swift and tireless. The stone bestows a +1 to the base Move Value of the Wendigo who carries it.

Points Cost: 4

The Rune of Fury
This runestone is carved with the Rune of Fury, and causes a bloodthirsty rage to swell in any who touch it. A Wendigo equipped with the Rune of Fury may make an additional melee attack on any Turn that he Charges into melee combat. The Wendigo attacks as normal on all subsequent turns of the melee.

Points Cost: 5

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