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dimanche 11 avril 2010

Eureka Miniatures - Centaures, Satyres et Amazones

Je vous ais déjà présenté cette gamme de figurine chez Eureka Miniatures parfaite pour patienter Olympus. Les règles des archers Satyres sont dans le Olympus Playtest manual. Pour les centaures et les amazones il faudra s'inspirer des règles de la cavalerie (présenté dans le Gods of War Volume 2 July-September 2007 ou les règles de Corey "An-Abasi" Somavia).

De quoi s'amuser, surtout que les figurines Eureka sont pas trop chères.

October 04, 2006
28mm Centaurs, Satyrs and Amazons
Thought by the ancient Greeks to reside in the wild mountains of Thessaly, the Centaur myth may trace its origins way back to man's first domestication of the horse, while Satyrs are even more obscure in their antecedents. Both have undergone a variety of `shape-shifts' and character changes over the centuries, and continue to feature prominently in many fantasy genres such as the Chronicles of Narnia.

Our Eureka Centaurs and Satyrs are depicted in classical Greco-Roman style and pose, armed with simple spears, bows and clubs as befitting the period. We think they'll make for interesting and unpredictable units in any wargamer's fantasy host: Centaurs are supposed to be wild, violent and barbaric, while Satyrs were apparently prone to dramatic mood swings ranging from aggressive posturing – to sly subversion – to even shy and cowardly. (Probably all that wine `talking'!) We've supplied a figure of the God Pan to hopefully keep them all in line (but he'll probably just join in).

The new Amazon cavalry and Amazon command figures are designed to supplement our existing range of 28mm Amazons. They include regular cavalry and some particularly intimidating – fully armoured – Cataphract horse women to give your fantasy feminist force some shock troops. Commanders, standard bearers, and musicians make up the Amazon command figures.

Here are the catalogue details for the new miniatures –

28mm Centaurs, Satyrs and Amazons Listing
(from our new Myths range)
Designed & sculpted by Alan Marsh
Variants in parenthesises. Variants are supplied randomly.

100MYT01 Centaur, with bow (4)
100MYT02 Centaur, with spear (8)
100MYT03 Centaur hero, with club (1)
100MYT04 Centaur king (1)
100MYT05 Centaur horn blower (1)

100MYT10 Satyr, with spear (5)
100MYT11 Satyr, with hand weapons (2)
100MYT12 Satyr, with bow (4)
100MYT13 Pan (1)

100MYT20 Amazon heavy cavalry (4)
100MYT21 Amazon Cataphract cavalry (4)
100MYT22 Amazon officers (2)
100MYT23 Amazon standard bearers (2)
100MYT24 Amazon musicians (2)

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