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lundi 17 juin 2013

Amazing Amazons: War Gods of Olympus


James Wappel va peindre l'héroïne Amazone. C'est l'un de mes peintre préféré, ça devrait le faire !
L'article sur son blog montre la qualité du tirage !

Amazing Amazons: War Gods of Olympus

As many of you probably know, Crocodile Games is doing a very nice kickstarter campaign right now.  It is called War Gods of Olympus, and they are unlocking factions and miniatures left and right!
One of these newly unlocked factions are the Amazons.  In this post, I will be showing some of the concept art, as well as the incredible greens!  The fact that these are still sculpted by hand by Mr. Fitzpatrick, a long time master.
Cathy and I have coveted War Gods figures since we first started getting into the miniature painting... especially since 2003.  The sculpts have always been consistent in quality, with excellent production values.
I am fortunate enough to be painting one of the Amazons right now:

Here it is right after I excitedly tore open the package:

There are also plenty of troops being made for each faction, and the Amazons are no exception!  Here are some of those greens.

When you look at the PDF on the kickstarter page, you will find a PDF that has an introduction to the Amazons, with stoy, stats and concept art.  You will see that the figures are very true to the concept art.
Since they have a vast existing product and years of experience doing what they do so well, I believe the turnaround time for the deliveries is very rapid.

I will be posting the painted figure as soon as it's done!  Stay tuned for that.
In the meantime, here is the link!  Go check it out!

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