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dimanche 30 juin 2013

Kickstarter, 1 heure pour se faire plaisir


145k$ actuellement. Pas mal de chose débloquée comme les 2 archers supplémentaires offert, la méduse aurait pu être top mais bon.
$110,000 - Mycenaean Chariot - UNLOCKED
A wave of Mycenaean chariots thunders across the battlefield and crashes into the waiting Trojan lines. Strong Mycenaean heroes clad head-to-toe in shining bronze armor strike out against their foes, nearly invulnerable to their attacks. The battle begins to turn against the Trojans...

$115,000 - Amazons' Attack - UNLOCKED
The Amazons, the allies of the Trojans, arrive in a surprise attack!  They charge into battle on the backs of galloping horses lead by Queen Penthesilea, the Daughter of Ares himself.  Their arrows find targets in the men of your Phalanx, who can't close with the swift enemy - only your archers can keep them at bay, and these men pay a terrible price, with dozens dead.  Finally, the Queen savagely charges into your lines, killing one hero after another, until she is finally brought down at last by your greatest hero.  As she falls and dies, he helmet slips off of her head revealing her beautiful face; all who see he are filled with regret at her death, even though she was their enemy.  Now, only the great city walls of built by the sea-god Poseidon himself stand the way of your prize... Helen of Troy!

$125,000 - Fall of Troy - UNLOCKED
The walls of the city of Troy are said to have been built by Poseidon, and invulnerable to the force of men.You call forth the limping son of Hephaestus from the rear of your army. He advances forward, accompanied by a towering colossus of bronze with the head of a bull. Three times the Automaton strikes the gates of Troy, and with the third blow the gates shatter.  Your army surges forward into the city, and the battle wages throughout the day. By nightfall the defenders are either slain, fled, or captured, and the beautiful Helen is yours at last! At the victory feast, after drinking too much strong Trojan wine, you boast to your men: "Not even the mighty walls of Poseidon are stronger than than I!" A cold wind blows in from the wine-dark sea, filling your men with a sense of dread. On the morrow, you load your ships with loot and prisoners, and begin the long journey back to Sparta.

$130,000 - Hydra - UNLOCKED - Thank You!
You set sail with a gentle wind on placid seas, and make good time for the first day. But as night falls, the wind changes, blowing you back, and forcing you to land your ships at a sheltered cove.  But up from the waters come the serpentine heads of a hydra, and a dozen of your men are plucked off the decks and devoured before the beast is driven away.  Above the noise of the wind and surf, a booming laughter can faintly be heard.

$135,000 - Harpies - UNLOCKED! Thank You!
Seven more days at sea, and you land on an island with trees filled with lush fruit. Your men go ashore, and they are attacked by a flock of hideous shrieking women with black wings. Many brave men are killed before the creatures are shot down by the archers on your ships. The long journey home continues...

$140,000 - Cyclopes -UNLOCKED- Thank You!

NEXT: $145,000 - Reinforcements 2

$150,000 - Olympian Upgrade

$155,000 - Medusa

$160,000 - Cretan Pirates

And beyond?:  Now that Troy is defeated, what's next? Let's see if we can make it home!

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