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lundi 17 juin 2013

WarGods of Olympus - Corinthiens débloqués !


L'illustration de Des Anley fait saliver. C'est Todd Harris qui sculptera les Corinthiens (et je suppose les Athéniens s'ils sont débloqués). Il commence à sculpter le mois prochain.

Corinth Unlocked!

Update #10 · Jun 10, 2013 · 1 comment
Artwork by Des Hanley.
Hi All,
We woke up this morning to discover we had passed another milestone on our journey through Olympus - Corinth has been unlocked! A huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible, we are so excited to be able to finally make the Corinthians!
The Corinthians are the richest of the city-states, their warriors are spared no expense and have the finest armor and weapons.  Their leaders ride into battle on magnificent winged horses.  Those enemies they can not defeat by sword or spear they bribe them to betrayal with their endless coin! 
What does it mean now that the Corinthians are unlocked?  We already have rules and art for the Corinthians, now we can commission the miniatures to be sculpted.  Long time Croc veteran Todd Harris (famous for Spartans, Mycenaeans, and lots of Aegyptus stuff!) has sworn his sculpting tool to our cause, and will be beginning the first of the Corinthian models next month!  We'll be sending our backers regular updates and photos of the sculptures as they happen!  By this time next year, we'll have a completed Corinthian Warband Starter Set, Hoplite Unit, Peltast Unit, Archer Unit, Swordsman Unit, Hero with Armor Rack and Captain with Casualty.  You may now select these as an option for your rewards on Kickstarter, but they will be shipped with the book in July 2014.
We have uploaded the new Corinthian Backer Avatar to the Croc forum --
As well as the Corinthian desktop images! --
Thanks to everyone for their support!  Our next two stretch goals are both bonus miniatures that will be added to some reward levels, so the Kickstarter rewards will be getting even better when these goals are achieved -- Dionysus, and then the Oracle of Delphi!
Keep spreading the word!
--Chris & Debs

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