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dimanche 30 juin 2013

Opinion sur les boucliers troyens
Hey gang
I got a little carried away working on the Trojan shields, and ended up sculpting a lot of different shapes for them.
Which ones are your favorites?
Shield 1 is the shield for Aeneas' guards, as well as for the 'Sons of Dardanus' Battle Honor
Shields 2 and 3 are tower shields, I was sort of playing with the figure-8 shape, but trying to make it look a little cooler (they ended up not being very close to the figure 8 in the end.)
Shields 4, 5, and 6 are all based on the shape of the historical Hittite shield, which seemed logical as the Hittites were literally neighbors to Troy, so there could be similarities. I made these a little more fancy though.
Shield 7 is another tower shield, but with pointed ends for bracing into the ground in defense.
PS: some of these have been molded, some not, that's why they all are different colors.

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