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dimanche 2 juin 2013

Re : WarGods of Olympus: Mythology Miniature Battle Game — Kickstarter


La FAQ explique les frais de port …

The cost of international shipping for some reward levels seems high. Why?
The shipping cost is determined by the USPS based on the size and weight of the package.  Any reward level that includes the rulebook in addition to the miniatures requires a larger box, and weighs an additional 2 lbs, so shipping for these starts at $55 to ship outside the US. 
We can't change the cost of shipping, but we have created some 'buddy' rewards where two players can pledge together to get 2 complete reward levels to split the cost of shipping. If you and a friend decide to get one of these rewards, one person makes the pledge, and you can add specifics at the end on the program on your survey (like both your names for the book's 'Thank You' page, which warbands you want, etc.) The package will be sent together to the backer's address. You'll also get 2 sets of any stretch goal miniatures completed - one for each of you.
If there is a real interest in buddy x3 or x4 reward levels for your whole gaming group, please let us know and we'll add the rewards to the program.
Last updated: Sunday Jun 2, 3:08pm EDT

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