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mardi 18 juin 2013

Kickstarter - Plus d'images d'Amazone


Rahh le modèle sans casque claque bien.

More pictures of Amazons

Update #14 · Jun 18, 2013 · 5 comments
We're just over half-way through, only 2 weeks remaining to go!
Time to show off a few more images of the Amazons!  This time, we have the 3 ranks of Amazon warriors with spears - rear, middle, and front ranks.  The Amazon in the front-rank is thrusting her spear through the eye in her shield, and each Amazon is carefully positioned to rank-up correctly with them model immediately behind her.  When all of these models are molded and assembled together, it will make a spectacular unit, with a wave of spears descending to strike their enemies!
We've also got another Amazon, this one with her helmet off -- we're working hard to make our ladies tough and dangerous looking, without any cheesecake elements slipping in... these Amazons are going to be dangerous!  And remember, these are just the first models of the line... Fitz has started with the basic troops for a reason, because as the sculpting progresses, he'll be making each model more dangerous than the last, as he works up through the champions, heros, and culminating in Penthesilea, the Daughter of Ares!  We'll be posting more Amazon greens as they are finished, and maybe even some more concept art from Des Hanley -- stay tuned!
We saved the best for last... we have the Amazon Hero, painted by the super-talented pro-painter James Wappel! Some of you may be familiar with his excellent blog and his "Painting Pyramid" DVD... well, we sent James an early casting of the Amazon Hero last week, and he's already painted her up and posted a how-to on his blog.  She looks stunning, with painted metal effects and an awesome scenic base!   Check out more images in the links below, with tips on how James did it!
Thanks for everyone's support -- next stop, Athens!
--Chris & Debs

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