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dimanche 30 juin 2013

Kickstarter - La chouette automate offerte et des concepts de Troyen


Bonne chose pour la chouette surtout qu'elle est offerte à partir des plus petit niveau de pledge. Pas mal comme concept.

Clockwork Owl UNLOCKED! More Trojan concepts too...

Update #19 · Jun 25, 2013 · 5 comments
The Automatons have been unlocked!  Thank you to all of our backers for helping to make this possible!  We've now added the Clockwork Owl to ALL reward levels that include miniatures (basically, everything except Watcher and Warrior.)  So, if you have miniatures coming, you'll also get this little guy:
You now also have the option of purchasing the rest of the Automatons as Add-Ons.  You can get the whole set (Minotaur, Bull, Hoplite, Warhound, and Owl) for a special Kickstarter price of $42 - that's saving $10 on the set!
Our next stretch goal is at $100,000 - the Gates of Troy!  This is the big battle we've been working toward... if we can unlock the Gates of Troy, we'll be adding a second wave of Trojans that can be purchased as Add-Ons, or grouped together for a special Kickstarter pre-order price.  The new Trojan miniatures planned are: Trojan Chariot, Trojan War Altar & Guards, Trojan Seer and Temple Guards, Tragic Hero, and Price Hector and Paris!  Check out the great concept art by John Wigley:
Above we have 'Man-Killing Hector' and his brother Paris - that womanizing rascal that started all the trouble!
And here's a peek at the new Trojan Specialists we have planned:
The god Apollo is the primary god of the city of Troy.  He has gifted some of his priestesses with the ability to see the future, but there is a price... for her foresight, the priestess has lost the sight of her eyes.  On the battlefield, she can make predictions that often come true.  And she is protected by two temple guards (like the Honor Guards allowed to Demigods).  The other Specialist is the Tragic Hero, a great warrior who is fated to die heroically in battle, and the knowledge of his certain doom instills him with a supernatural bravery!
That's all for this time - let's keep spreading the word, and thanks again for all of your support so far!
--Chris & Debs

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