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dimanche 30 juin 2013

Kickstarter - Hélène de Troie


J'imagine même pas comme ça va être beau sculpté par Chris !!! Reste à savoir si ça sera débloqué [débloqué depuis].

Helen of Troy concept art revealed!

Update #20 · Jun 26, 2013 · 6 comments
Greetings once again from the land of Olympus!  We are moving into the final days of the WarGods Kickstarter, and we have gotten close to Troy... so close, we can see the defenders gathering on the field of battle... mighty Man-Killing Hector, magnificent Paris, Trojan Chariots... all, only a day's sail away.  And there, on the battlements of the sacred city of Troy, we can see a figure of a woman watching all beneath her... it is Helen, the most beautiful woman in the ancient world!
Helen's concept art was drawn by the incomparable Des Hanley, and when if we can unlock her, she'll be sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick and included in most of the $160 or more rewards (like Skirmish, Warband, Army, and Council of the Gods (and any reward that includes one of these).  She's designed to look as if she's gazing out over the wind-swept battlements of Troy, and watching the distant battle that rages before the walls.
We've also added concept art for the Hydra to the Kickstarter main page, so if you have not been by in a while, please come and have a look.
Thanks again for all of the great support!
-Fitz & Debs

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